A step by step guide to developing an amazing lawn

With the housing market booming and international travel non existent we have seen a significant growth in home renovation enquiries and landscape design requests. 

Our online store has picked up with DIY gardeners purchasing anything from lawn seeds, rose cuttings and even large quantity of gardens soil. 

We are often asked if it is better to get roll out lawn or growing from seed. 

As someone who loves being out in the gardening and seeing what I have done grow into beautiful creations I tend to suggest growing from seed. 

Keep in mind this isn’t for everyone and just a simple hobbyist giving his input. 

The next question is how do we do it? 

I wanted to write a short step-by-step guide to help my fellow garden lovers. 

Firstly head into your local garden centre and choose the correct lawn for your needs. If you need advice on this you can contact the friendly staff at Hobby Home and Garden for this. 

Step One:

After you have chosen the lawn seed that will best suit your home, you need to prepare the soil. Make sure your soil doesn’t have any rocks, scattered debris or grass in it. Use a rake to clear it out and flatten the surface as much as possible.

HG Turf | Preparation. How to prepare for your new lawn

Step Two:

Next you need to add some fertiliser to your soil. Give the area a few good handfuls, evenly shaken out across the surface.

How To Apply Pre-turfing Or Pre-seeding Fertiliser

Step 3.

When spreading out lawn seed, it’s important not to overdo it. Try to avoid throwing the seed out in clumps. Make sure you have an even spread of seed across your whole surface.

Step 4: 

Give your seeds the best chance by weighing them down. You can keep your lawn seed from blowing away and stop the birds getting to it with a top dressing of lawn soil. You should try to cover your seed by a couple of millimetres of top dressing. 

Step 5:

Next you need to add a wetting agent to your surface. They often come in pre-mixed packages that you attach to your hose and spray. A direct hit of water from the hose will wash the seed away. So try and apply the wetting agent evenly as a fine mist. Give it a moderate soak – there’s no need to overwater it in.

The Country Club at Castle Pines Golf Course Maintenance: Wetting Agents


Add a string-line barrier around the edge to keep people from walking across your newly planted seed. To do this put plastic stakes in the four corners of your lawn and a few extras down the sides. Then connect with some stringline. You could even tie a few small rag strips to your corner stakes to draw more attention to your barrier. Water the surface daily until you get a couple of centimetres of growth.

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